"Every time we leave after a session, I have new ideas, positive feedback and things to do in between visits. I have benefited from counseling because I am learning things about my children that I didn't know."

— A Counseling client

The Counseling program offers individual, family and group counseling services to children and families who live in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties. Youth In Need’s approach to counseling and to all clients is a strengths-based philosophy. This means that it’s necessary to explore and use internal strengths (abilities, coping skills and resilience) and external resources (family, friends, school, employers, religious affiliations and other community resources) of children, teens and families. Youth In Need believes that children, teens and families need information so they can make informed decisions. Education and resource-based information is offered to clients as a means of helping them explore options, become more knowledgeable about issues they face, become more skilled in managing their own lives, become better informed about service options and in better matching them with community resources. Therapists collaborate with children, teens and families about the types of services that may best meet their needs, goals of service and tasks to achieve these goals. Finally, emphasis is placed on helping children, teens and families to transition through stages of individual and family development, manage stress and cope with the changes they face on a daily basis. Hope is one of the most important elements of change. While the absence of hope can be devastating, its presence can help children, teens and families to better cope with adversity, change and crisis.


Eligibility, Enrollment and Cost

Clients must live in St. Charles or St. Louis Counties. Counseling services are provided at no cost.



School-based counseling services are offered in the following school districts:
  • St. Charles County: City of St. Charles, Orchard Farms and Wentzville
  • St. Louis County: Jennings, Riverview Gardens, Ritenour, Pattonville, Valley Park, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Clayton, Parkway, Lindbergh, Hancock Place, Hazelwood, and Rockwood School Districts as well as North Tech High and SCOPE
Youth In Need also provides office-based counseling in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties.


  • To schedule an appointment in St. Charles County, parents or guardians can call 636-757-9400 or e-mail for more information.
  • To schedule an appointment in St. Louis County, parents or guardians can call 314-594-5010 or e-mail for more information.